Diverse Native Grassland Pasture Walk

June 3 • 9 a.m.

See the impressive grass growth. Hear the buzzes and birdsongs that are the music of a native grassland. Learn how a Diverse Native Grassland like the buffalo grazed can benefit your cattle operation. Discover how we have increased forage production and improved soil health. The wildlife habitat has also been improved since we established the Diverse Native Grassland. See all of this for yourself. We will also talk about the steps involved in planting natives, which sometimes looks daunting, but it is not really that complicated when there is a plan.

And Discuss Stream Health & Management…
With streams, it seems there are more questions than answers. “What is the best method to manage a stream? Allow the cattle access or not? Grow trees or grass on the banks? What should be done about vertical, eroding banks? Fifty years ago, there were enough fish in the stream to eat for dinner, but where have they gone?” We have been thinking about stream health recently, trying out some techniques, and learning. At this year’s pasture walk we will have opportunities to learn and think about stream health and management. We will visit some of our project sites. A rainfall simulator will help us think about how vegetation type and pasture management impact soil health, water infiltration, and ultimately stream health. In addition, we plan to have a stream table – a device that will allow us to see the effects of different stream management practices and actually experiment with stream management.

So Join Us!

The day will begin with registration at 9:00 a.m. and the tour at 9:30. Please RSVP so we know how many folks to expect for lunch, which will be provided, and how much trailer space is needed. We hope to end around 3:00 p.m.

Pasture walk in partnership with Missouri Cattlemen’s Association.

Come Back and See More

August 6, 2021

If, after coming to an earlier field day, you want to see the Diverse Native Grassland in a very different season of growth, join us for this informal tour. Arrive at 4 p.m. and spend a couple hours with us in the green, growing, and drought tolerant Diverse Native Grassland.

Learn more about the concepts

To learn more about Diverse Native Grasslands and other concepts related to our pasture walk check out these two videos or our related blog articles.



Please RSVP for the event so we know how much trailer space and food is needed.



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