June 28, 2019

Diverse Native Grassland Pasture Walk & Unlocking the N, P, & K in Your Soil.

Join us for a pasture walk to see our Diverse Native Grassland that is being grazed. This is a two part field day. In the morning, starting at 9 a.m., join us for a tour of the grassland and discussion on forage production, palatability to livestock, rain infiltration and storage in the soil, and wildlife habitat in a Diverse Native Grassland. We will also talk about establishment. Lunch will be served after the morning tour.

In the afternoon, we will have a continuing education event that is designed for folks who have attended the morning tour or have seen the Diverse Native Grassland before. The afternoon will feature an invited speaker to talk about "How to Unlock the N, P, K, & More in Your Soil." Our soils usually have all of the nutrients that the plants need, even without the addition of fertilizer. However, the nutrients in the soil are often "locked up" and not available to the plant. It is important to understand how the soil microorganisms and chemistry unlock these nutrients for the plants. Furthermore, it is crucial to know how our management decisions influence the availability of the nutrients for the plants. So, if you are interested in unlocking the nutrients in your soil, either start the day with the morning tour then stay on after lunch, or if you have already seen our Diverse Native Grassland, just join us for lunch at 12:00 and enjoy the afternoon with us. We will also have an opportunity in the afternoon to sharpen your plant identification skills, and we will tour the Diverse Native Grassland to talk about new observations and developments. At around 5 p.m., we will end the afternoon with watermelon and discussion.


Please RSVP for the event so we know how much trailer space and food is needed.



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