Edible Wild Plants of the Prairie - $13.50

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By: Kelly Kindscher
Ethnobotanical guide to edible prairie plants including how the Native Americans used the plants, illustrations, and more

Forgotten Fires - $19.00

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By: Omer C. Stewart
The anthropologist"s insights into Native Americans" use of fire to manage plant communities and associated animals.

Growing a Revolution - $25.00

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By: David Montgomery
Bringing our soil back to life; discussion of farming practices that are good for farmers and the environment

Guide to Seed & Seeding Identification - $14.00

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By: Dave Williams
The Tallgrass Prairie Center"s guide for the Upper Midwest to identify seedlings and seeds of 72 species.

Holistic Management - $36.00

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By: Allan Savory
A systemsc-thinking approach to restore grasslands and their soils; using livestock to mimic wildlife impacts of the past.

How Soils Work - $18.00

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By: Paul Syltie
An easy-to-understand book on the complex topic of mutualism between soils and plants.

How to Not go Broke Ranching - $26.00

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By: Walt Davis
Philosophy that agriculture should run on sunshine & rainfall from an almost-broke rancher that became profitable

Medicinal Wild Plants of the Prairie - $13.50

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By: Kelly Kindscher
Ethnobotanical guide to medicinal prairie plants

Prairie Wildflowers - $21.00

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By: Don Kurz
Field guide to 350 species of flowering plants from the Midwest to the Great Plains; pictures & descriptions of each plant

The Green Revolution Delusion - $26.00

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By: Davis & Winslett
A story depicting problems in agriculture including ecological, fincancial, & sociological; discusses proven alternatives

The Time of the Buffalo - $14.00

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By: Tom McHugh
An account of the history of bison in North America and their interaction with people.

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