A Diverse Native Grassland in Spring and Summer - Green in All Seasons

Diverse Native Grasslands are green and growing all throughout the seasons.  Take a virtual pasture walk of our Diverse Native Grassland and discover the many different plants that are working together to collect sunlight, keep the ground covered year-round, and provide excellent forage for grazing animals.  In the video, Amy Hamilton shows what is green and growing each season and how the grassland has changed from early spring to late summer.  This video starts with footage from April that we shared earlier this year.  If you have already seen it, jump to summer which starts at 7:10.

If you would like to further explore the concept of a diverse native grassland being green in all seasons, read our previous article, titled “Diversity:  Green in All Seasons”.  And to read about the underground benefits of diversity, read “Diversity:  Roots in All Depths” or “A Diversity of Plants is Stronger Together than Alone: A Look at Roots”. 

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