Aerial Spreader Update

Here at Hamilton Native Outpost, we have been using our Aerial Spreader, which fits on a drone, to seed many new native savanna/silvopasture projects this fall.  We have now used the Aerial Spreader to seed over 500 acres!  We will be using it more this year to seed another savanna/silvopasture during the dormant season.  Using the drone has allowed us to spread more seed than we would have if we were hand seeding.  Lastly, while the Aerial Spreader is available for purchase now,  it is possible that in the future we may be offering services of drone seeding too. Below is a picture of our most recent silvopasture seeding.  After logging this area, this logging road and all of the logged over land was seeded to a cover crop mixture with the Aerial Spreader.

 If you haven’t seen the Aerial Spreader in action, check out this 21 second video:


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